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Pre-arrival Registration for Indian Nationals Application

All indian nationals need a PAR (pre-arrival registration) to enter and visit Hong Kong. Indian national applicants can easily obtain a PAR by completing and submitting the online application in order to travel to Hong Kong.

PAR Application
Pre-arrival Registration for Indian National to Hong Kong

Pre-arrival Registration for Indian Nationals

Pre-arrival Registration for Indian Nationals was launched following a decree by the authorities of Hong Kong in January 2017. PAR (pre-arrival registration) allows Indian nationals to enter Hong Kong (HKSAR). The PAR is valid for a period of 6 months and permits visits of up to 14 days.

Eligible candidates for PAR (pre-arrival registration)

All Indian nationals with a valid passport must apply for a PAR which allows them to enter and visit Hong Kong up to 14 days.

More about the PAR for Hong Kong

Before boarding any mode of transport bound for the HKSAR, such as a ship, aircraft or land vehicle, and on arrival at immigration clearance, all Indian nationals will need to show your PAR to transport operators. When arriving and departing Hong Kong, they will also need to complete an "Arrival / Departure Card" for immigration clearance.

Pre-arrival Registration for Indian National

Advantages to applying for your Hong Kong PAR with our agency

100% Error Free Guarantee
Approved Insurance Policy
24/365 Online Application
Simplified Form

Our services include

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Services Government www.hongkongtraveling.com
Travel document validation prior to submission.
Quick and simple application process.
Approved Insurance Policy: 100% money back guarantee if PAR is not approved.
Expert review prior to presentation of the application to the Hong Kong government.
Correction of missing or inaccurate information.
Personal information is encrypted, secured and submitted directly to the Hong Kong authorities.
24/7 email support and assistance.
Approved PAR notification via email.
In case of loss, recovery of PAR via email

www.hongkongtraveling.com, a privately held company, is not associated with the authorities of the HKSAR or any third parties that provide similar services. In exchange for offering high-quality travel and immigration services to individuals and legal entities, a service fee of $35 will be charged. The professional travel services provided by www.hongkongtraveling.com include: assistance with the PAR request, providing information regarding the application, applicant’s status and results via email as well as continuous support.

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